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June 1, 2017

First Time Snorkeling?  What is your first time snorkeling experience going to be like? A once in a lifetime experience that you can’t wait to repeat? Or a miserable, boring or even dangerous experience? Unfortunately, poor first-time experiences are pretty common. Many snorkel tour companies will lead you to think that snorkeling is so easy […]

snorkeling diving scuba
May 31, 2017

Snorkeling is swimming with a snorkel — a mask and a tube — that allows you to breathe through your mouth when floating underwater near the surface of the water. Scuba diving allows you to go deep into the water to examine the bed of the sea or lake, wearing a tight fitting diving suit […]

chosing fins
May 30, 2017

Almost everyone has at some point used fins, a snorkel, and a mask. This trio is what most people think of when they consider snorkeling and diving, or just want to splash around in the pool or perhaps a small lagoon. The problem is that, just as with snorkels and masks, many never graduate past […]

diving evening night
May 30, 2017

Descending into the inky darkness of the night to experience the nocturnal underwater world can certainly be a surreal experience. Many new divers find the thought of diving at night rather scary. However, for the well informed, diving at night can be one of the most relaxing, sensory dive experiences. Witnessing the creatures of the […]

May 28, 2017

1. Toynbee Maneuver – Pinch Your Nose and Swallow With your nostrils pinched or blocked against your mask skirt, swallow. Swallowing pulls open your Eustachian tubes while the movement of your tongue, with your nose closed, compresses air against them.   2. Lowry Technique – Pinch Your Nose, Blow and Swallow A combination of Valsalva and […]

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