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Welcome to waterfoxy.com!

My name is Oleg. I’ve created the Water Foxy brand in order to share with you my enthusiasm for diving and passion for the underwater world. My first dive with a mask was held over 30 years ago. Despite the fact that I had an uncomfortable hard mask, which leaked water, and a bent aluminum tube instead of the snorkel, which I had to keep with my teeth – I forever fell in love with diving since that day.

Today I can buy a quality snorkel set or professional equipment for diving, but I can no longer dive, because, in 1995, I suffered a serious neck injury and was paralyzed. And since it was my passion, my mission today is by creating Water Foxy to provide you unforgettable emotions and vivid impressions of the coast rest, which are no longer available to me.

I am currently settled in Europe, but with the help of Amazon and this website the Water Foxy products are now available for beginners and experienced divers in the United States.

Why choose Water Foxy?

Water Foxy is a small private business.

We are not trying to compete with international brands, for market leadership, but we do know that our products are of the same quality. In addition, every day we are working to become even better.

The advantage of small business is agility – the ability to be closer to its consumers. We are always ready to upgrade our products in accordance with your wishes.


If you are tired of the monotony and daily routine … If you want to get away from everyday life and plunge into another world of calm and cool … If you feel the inner desire to spend every free moment with pleasure…

Move to the noise of waves and seagulls screaming. Right now, plan your escape. And of course, don’t forget your Water Foxy snorkel set, or mask, or combo!

When you have something good, it would be desirable to share.
I share with you love of diving and travel.
Lysytsia Oleg
The founder of ‘Water Foxy’.