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Water Foxy presents products for unforgettable sea vacations No matter what beaches on the Planet you chose, we are here to help you to enjoy your travels, swimming, and diving.

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We are trusted by more than 1000 adventurers in the world. Are you still at the monitor? Join our big family now, and start planning your best holiday on the seashore or on some exotic islands.
Although all our products are of the professional quality thy are not only for professional divers. Everything we produce, we produce for you, your friends, colleagues, for your mom and partner. Or buyers are: managers, drivers, bloggers, photographers, designers, etc.– and every of us keeps the passion of adventure in our hearts.

Our Mission

This part should have been the most boring one, so that we decided to avoid all those stilted, bombastic words. Let’s be laconic and save time for something interesting. Our mission is - anytime when you hear ‘Water Foxy’ - to remind you that beautiful beaches, warm oceans and seas are waiting for you and people whom you love. So, just order our products on Amazon and start your awesome trip right now! We will do our best to provide you the best quality of the accessories for your vacation.

Our Goals

The main goal is to collect a million your ‘thank you’ messages in our mail box, amazon’s feedback field, and through the contact form at the bottom of this page. The marketing goal is to provide full range of diving, snorkeling equipment for amateurs and professionals as well. The craziest goal is to reach the point when we spend on discounts and giveaways one-million-dollar.

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About us. Personally.

Welcome to world of adventures! My name is Oleg. My secondary name in English sounds like Fox. I have established the brand ‘Water Foxy’ to share with you my passion for water sports and my enthusiasm for underwater world. There is a piece of my heart in every product with ‘Water Foxy’ you buy on any marketplace.

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The diving first mask, which I did not break during the season! Usually I break 1-2 masks. Knowing that my problem and passion for diving, my colleagues presented me Snorkel set Water foxy and they guessed. I was pleasantly surprised - the mask does not miss a single drop of water. Silicone perfectly adheres to the face and diving becomes a pleasure. So it is better to buy one Snorkel set for 30$ rather than 10 pieces for 10$.

John Adams
Travel Blogger

My son can not swim well, but the dives easily, usually in the home pool. Previously bought him a usual cheap glasses from which he constantly had red eyes. Husband ordered Snorkel set of Water foxy, while he was in office. I took the delivery and decided to check it out. I was afraid that it would leak, but my son is big boy and mask fitted perfectly. The glass does not sweat and his eyes are not red any more. Now I need to buy one more to my husband.

Emma Miller
Professional Diver

Mask is made wonderfully. It fits down on anyone - me and my partner. It doesn't press on the forehead, nose and cheekbones. By the way, the glass does not distort the image under water or prevent to estimate the actual distance. Unlike other glasses or masks, Water Foxy gives greater visibility. I bought this Snorkel set for diving in the Red Sea in Egypt, and did the right choice. Such a beautiful sea world I had hardly ever seen!

Jeff Parker
Aquatic Athlete

I grew up on coast, so water means a lot for me. An hour on waves is a perfect break from work or stress. I love to dive and watch the underwater calm measured life. Everything is in harmony, that is what we are missing. Thanks for Water Foxy comfortable Snorkel set, which does not distract me from the rest.

Naomi Gonzalez

Sits properly sealed on face. It doesn't require any care products and is easy to clean. In general, I can recommend it to both beginners and experienced divers. This mask wont fail. However, sometimes I noticed slight nose discomfort, but it was when diving to 60 feet or more.

Paul White

It was the first vacation my wife was sitting in the water more than I was ordered to.
I had to order two Snorkel sets...

Kenneth Hall



Diving mask and tube

The style

Diving mask

Single lens

Fullface mask

Useful bag

Diving mask and tube

The Snorkeling Set Equipped with Easily Adjustable Head Straps. Furthermore, Feathered Wide Silicone Strap Design Combined for a Perfect Seal on Face – this Snorkel Mask Fits any Face Shape.

Dry Top Eliminates Water Entry when Submerged, and the Purge Valve Allows Easy Clearing & Draining of the Snorkel.

The style

You can easily recognize Water Foxy's style, colors and the quality of the materials

Diving mask

Single Lens Mask.
The panoramic view you are looking for in a snorkel mask. One-Window Mask: Ideal for medium faces. Crystal, liquid silicone injected skirt and strap. Double edge comfort seal. Low volume. Swivel and adjustable buckles.

Single lens

Broad peripheral view. Tempered glasses for safety.

Fullface mask

Isn't it beautiful?
Full 180° face design allows user breathe through mouth or nose while snorkeling with no mouthpiece.
Snorkel swimming mask is anti-fog, anti-leak, and gives you a full view of the water below.
Soft, fabric straps ensure snorkeling gear stays on the face and won’t snag hair or skin.
Diving mask is easy to use and great for beginners, kids, and adults!

Useful bag

Stylish, useful carrying bag goes with all Water Foxy snorkel sets. With velcro closure and adjustable shoulder strap - easily to carry and store your set and some small stuff.


We Back Our Products with a Hassle-Free Money Back Guarantee.
There is Absolutely no Risk to You When You Order Snorkel set Now! If You are not Completely Satisfied, Simply Contact Us and We Will SEND YOU A NEW ONE.
You do not Even Have to Return the Product!
Our #1 Priority is to Make Sure that You Are Completely Happy and Enjoying Your Holidays.

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Jul 6, 2017
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Jul 6, 2017
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